Ghostbuster is a professional online ID and Age Verification Service primarily for classified ad sites, dating websites, affiliate networks, online gambling operators and any online retail store selling high value or age restricted products. ID Verification protects organisations from fraud and speed up the customer validation process.

The Ghostbuster solution is a web-hosted service that allows you to call the services as and when required. We offer deployment options which include integration to existing online account registration forms and/or shopping carts.

An effective preventive solution to reduce Credit Card Chargebacks and PayPal scam.

Online auction and classified ads sites can now create a safer marketplace for facilitating business online.

ID verified sellers hold advantage over unverified potentially fraudulent members.
Is he really who he claims himself to be?

Transform your dating website into a trusted online meeting place. Members with a green verified badge next to their profile indicate that their ID had been checked thus create trust with other browsing members.
Criminal liability for online liquor stores.

Protect your business and yourself as business owner by not selling to anyone under 18/21.

The Ghostbuster Online ID and Age verification solution is guaranteed to be:

  • The fastest
    Ghostbuster seamlessly integrates to your online account registration system (or checkout) and ask your customer to switch on his/her webcam to show proof of ID for verification purpose.

    The entire process takes 1 minute offering a safe and secure way to provide Age and ID verification to any ecommerce platform owner.
  • The lowest cost
    Verifications cost $1-3 each depending on the number of verifications conducted on the platform within a calendar month.

    If a customer had already verified his identity on one of our existing customer's website, he can simply use his Ghostbuster account to log in to your system. There is a nominal standby service fee for this feature.
  • The most secure
    Many websites offer Online ID and Age verification via scanning and Emailing proof of ID and proof of address documentation. The problem with accepting scanned images as proof of ID and Age is that it is extremely easy for almost anyone to edit and forge these digital images using freely available software.

    It is indeed a lot more difficult to fake an ID during a live video feed.

Why will your customers appreciate it?

  • First of all They might already be verified and have an active Ghostbuster account.
  • Ease of Use Is there anyone who does not know how to use a webcam?
  • Fast It is quicker to switch on a webcam than to search for a scanner and Email documents. Also relieves your customer support department of manual checking and verification of these documents.
  • Choice Your customers will always have the option to go down the traditional routes of ID verification.

What makes your ideal partner for outsources online ID and age verification?

  • Cost saving You can outsource your ID and Age verification tasks to us at a fixed cost - priced per verification. No overheads.
  • Efficiency Seamless integration to your systems allows automatic workflows without manual intervention on your side.
  • Turnkey solution custom developped and regularly updated on redundant encrypted servers.
  • Secure and private We hang on to your customers' data and never! share it with anyone.